Leopard Print Bikini

Animal prints, the leopard print in particular, are hugely popular.  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for shoes, a watch, a pillow, a bra or a plate, whatever it is you’re looking for, you can find in an animal print.  The same is true for bikinis.  If you’re itching to own an animal print bikini, don’t worry, it exists.  It’s just a matter of finding the right one that fits you.  One thing to remember about animal prints is that it’s never a  good look to wear different ones and mixing them up.  While it’s fun and stylish to mix solids and prints, mixing animal prints, say a zebra print with a leopard print, isn’t going to result in a great look so keep the animal print to a minimum.

There are many print bikinis out there, and there are many bikini styles available too!  When it comes to bikinis, don’t think you’re limited to triangle tops.  While the triangle is a good staple to have in your bikini collection, don’t forget about the other styles.  The halter is a great top if you’re looking for more coverage and more support.  Since it’s designed using more fabric, there’s more material to hold you in and hold you up.  The halter is definitely great for women who like to be active at the beach or women with larger chests.  If you want to avoid tan lines on your neck and shoulders, go with a strapless style like the bandeau.  While you can get an even tan in a bandeau, there are no straps for support, so if your ladies need a lift, this style isn’t the best option.